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The chrismas production By Marzana and Zafreen .

I am herods sevarents,  sevent 6.  I do anthing that herad tells me to. Zafreen is Rebecca who is verry hungrey and asks for food but dose not get it.This is the best bit of  blue base. Blue base is going to perform this show to the whole school. The show is on December the 15 and 16.So far we are pactsing lots of different songs . We like the people who we are acting. I hope our parents  like the show. How we are acting in our rehearsals, I  hope it is like that in lthe live shows. down

All About Our Chrismas Puduction.

I have the best part in the christmas production. I am the Angel Gabriel,the lord has asked me to give a woman a

message.The woman is called Mary. I Tell her that she is going to have a  baby boy.The boy shall be called Jesus.Do you understand?I now know my part in the christmas puduction. I have leart some of the songs by heart.

Christmas production

In the christmas  produciton I have been learning my part and I am hearod servant eight. I will have a sword and attack the innocent people. I have been using my loud and proud voice and we have to say,  sir , yes sir,  yes sir lets go and we have to say our parts loud so eveybody can hear me.

all about our christmas production

In the Christmas Production I am one of the Romans but I dont have a speaking part.  I march up and down AND WORK FOR THE KING WHO IS TRYING TO KILL baby Jesus. 

All about the chrismas production

In the chrismas production I am shepherd 1 and shepherd 1 has  quite a long part and I am on the stage to learn all my parts by heart and make my Voice louder so everyone in the hall can hear me. I am going to use the cog of resilience.


poetry week

In poetry  week we learnt about the poem “the hairy toe.”We did some actions with the class and Mrs Aktar.  I enjoyed the acting it helped me understand the poem and remember what it was about.  I like the part when the woman was scared when the monster came in.

I like poetry and I like rhyming poems.

Conker picking

On  monday we going conker picking.  We picked  conkers from the garden of  a big house.Husnain and me were picking conkers  that had fallen down the tree . The conkers I found were near the  road. I picked a spikey conker and put it in my plastic bag.The spikey conker broke a needle from the spikey conker  and it stuck on my finger. I took the needle out from my finger then we came back from conker picking from.


By Danish Ramli P

Conker picking by Kayla Morton

On Monday I went conker picking whith some other children from my class.We went past big brown trees with green and brown leaves.We went past a mosque and it was very big.It took us ten minitses to get there.

pirates by amen

IN blue 1 we have been learning about pirates.

One famous pirate is Jack sparrow from the carribian.

Another famous pirate is Anne Bonny.

Anne bonny is a girl pirate who is now dead.

visit to art studio

On Friday we went to an art studio. Mrs Akhtar ,Mr Josh Miss Fisher Miss Penington Miss Taylor Miss Anila and Miss Warton went on the trip.It was on east street art. First we sat down and had a drink of apple or orange juice and an choclate it was called kit kat. Then we looked at the differnt pieces of weird and wonderful pieces of art.